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Nevertheless, We Persisted

Mason returned to school. Somehow things got better for him. He stopped hurting himself and others for the most part. He started eating a lot and sleeping at night. He’s talking. And talking. Talking in full sentences. Never quiet. People at school are happy with him. He has a new para in the morning that he really likes. We had an IEP meeting last week. Ms. L. reported that Mason was showing interest in academics. I’ve noticed him actually watching television and laughing at the same things that others find funny. Everyone in the IEP meeting remarked on his sense of humor. He likes a good joke. We are hearing genuine laughter from him. Some of his loudest laughter happens when his sister is in trouble. We tell him to stop laughing or it’s not funny, he laughs anyway. He’s recalling things from that past. He talked about going to Louisiana to adopt Audrey. He remembered staying at Pam and Jim’s. He even remembered going to the grocery store that morning before we met Audrey. Last nigh…