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A River So Wide

I wish I had a river so wide, I’d teach my feet to fly. I wish I had a river that I could skate away on. I made my baby say goodbye. Joni Mitchell.
Not the best Christmas ever. Not even one to remember.
Mason’s behavior escalated to the point that he was angry and non-compliant at home and worse at school. I started to wonder if the medications he was on were making things worse for him; definitely not better. There seemed to be nothing that I or others could do. Daily school reports detailed him hitting teachers, and paras. He was banging his head when he didn’t get his own way.
On December 16th, I turned another year older. Audrey had a church pageant and two dance recitals. Mason went to respite. Before Audrey’s second performance, I got a text with a picture of Mason. He had aggressively gone after all the kids in the house and his head was bloody. He banged his head 20-30 times. I took him to the emergency room. They called around to see if there were any inpatient facilities he cou…