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I've got stuff to do

I usually think I have a good idea- until it’s not.
Life is going to get better, easier, simpler, until it doesn’t.
Life is hard right now. Hard with Mason. Hard with his perseverating on vacuums, motor scooters, acquiring new shoes, and toys. He’s even worn other students’ shoes and boots home from school. He’s having a rough year at school. His impulsiveness and angry outbursts are hard to manage. He’s pinching and hitting the teachers. A few weeks ago, he pulled the teacher's hair, pushed the gym teacher, and tore a para educator’s clothes. He’s hitting people every day. Anytime he doesn’t get his own way, he’s angry. All it takes for an explosion is contact with anyone with a short fuse.
And that’s what happened on November 9, 2018. An older man, retired custodian, was subbing at Wakanda while Mason’s special ed teacher was with high school students at the state swim meet. From written accounts, the sub was struggling with Mason all day. While Mason and the sub were walking in t…