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Another Slice of Pie

We have a three year old girl in the house! She's 90% sugar and spice and everything nice, and 10% awful. She's a dancee, singer, and actress extraordinaire. She's starting dancing lessons in January, but she's already been watching Youtube videos of kids dancing, and she loves to follow along.

 I call this one Friday night selfie. Both kids like to take pictures with the iPhone. We enjoy making art with the Prizma app.
 I captured Brendan making Lucie laugh. Audrey loves to be close to Lucie. Brendan loves everyone in the family because he's a doodle. Olive, she prefers me, but Lucie gives good pets. The kids: not so much. Olive is still making a rush for the door whenever she can. I have to enlist neighbors to help me get her back in the house. The other day,  we were going somewhere, so we got in the van and drove about twenty miles an hour up the hill into the cul-de-sac. Olive ran behind us. She's like a grey hound. We couldn't catch her, so I started …