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The Crazy Train

The Crazy Train
Take a breath: We returned from Italy and mourned the loss of our new friends (Elena’s family). July flew by while I taught one WGS course online and kept busy with the kids, house, yard, etc. Mason turned nine. I have been in Menomonie for ten years. I moved here in July 2007, and Mason was born in July 2008. I’ve lived in the same house for ten years. That’s a record for me. I was promoted to Professor, and soon I will get my ten-year pin. Staying in the same job for ten years is also a record for me.
We didn’t make it to Utah this summer. We missed seeing our friends and relatives there. My parents seem to be doing well in assisted living. I talk on the phone with them weekly. My dad is 84 and my mom is turning 75 next week. Part of the reason for not going to Utah was the fact that we needed 30 days for Mason to do a trial of a speech communication device called Wego. He was initially resistant to the device because he wanted to use it like an iPad, but after workin…