Too Long Gone

Too long gone and too little written, these last four months have been heavy and smitten

With joy and with sorrow, yes, a lot has happened, much has weighed on my heart and my soul that is perhaps better not written.

So rather than write another update, I procrastinated; threw up my feet and said it’s too late.

 I’m tired by 9:00, and 10:00, and 11:00, my heaven sometimes, it’s more like 7:00..

 Audrey, two, no, two and half, can make us all cry and then belly laugh.

She’s quick, she’s witty, she’s smart, she’s pretty. She runs this place, and it’s a pity.

 I’m overrun by kids and dogs and laundry, how to work and clean house is still a quandary.

Somehow I manage to get enough done to hold down my job and still have some fun.

I accompanied Shayna for her Broadway set, and practiced the piano quite a bit.

We both laughed as we practiced through the worst conditions, tiny hands on the piano in all positions.

And Disneyworld came with its magical wonder, we shared it with Elsa and Anna and Thunder

Mountain, so excuse me for not writing in detail about Disney, our trip was the best, no rest, but not weary.

Easter came as usual, bunny hop and all, the kids got their candy, and Audrey had a fall.

She broke her little arm with an exuberant jump, as it turned out, it was more than a bump.

A few trips to doctors and three different casts, her arm is now perfect, she healed very fast.

Elena had a birthday, she turned eighteen. She’s a grown up now, legally, I mean.

Mason, now eight, will soon be nine, left the second grade just in time.

 He faced many challenges as he usually does, but we’re working together to make sure he does

 the best that he can with what he was given, a tough hand to play even though he has striven

 through better or worse, through sickness and health, he’s my son and I love him like nobody else.

Goodbye Ms. Berhow, Mrs. Schneider at al, he’ll see you all again for school in the fall.

We’re looking forward to new teachers, a fresh start, the third grade, he’s half-way to eighteen, don’t blink, I’m afraid.

Elena walked with MHS class of 2017, then returned to Sardinia not quite as lean.

 Hamburgers and milk shakes she doth regret, but to hell with the diet, we’re so glad we met.

She accumulated more baggage than she could hold, so she left some for us…now that was bold.

We miss her each day, more than the last, but thank Apple for iPhones, my kids pick up fast.

Audrey now answers the phone when it rings: Who is this she asks? Oh, Hi Grandpa, she sings.

Off to Italy we will all go next week, to meet Elena’s family who cannot speak

English of course, but that’s a minor detail, who cares about English when we can sail

And suntan, and eat, in her grandma’s kitchen, ragu’s on the menu, amore, and chicken.

 No, it’s fish they eat there, and lots of tomatoes, wines, ravioli, not meat and potatoes.

Wisconsin weather dragged on like usual, there was snow in May then winter’s recusal.

 Heavy rain fell in June, it’s now humid and hot, remember December, I think I do not.

This house has stood solid for almost two hundred years, it takes more than a straight wind to put in arears.

It’s now 1:40 a.m. I’m sure I’ll be sorry, for in a few hours my kids start their party.

Drop eggs on the floor, make sandwiches, pour spices; they’ll throw down the food for the dog and the mices.

Summer goes fast, I can’t blink or I’ll miss it. We will all make the best of this upcoming visit

to Italia, and Utah, and Moon Beach galore, I think there will be time for one more s’more.
Selfie at special person day in Mason's class.

Strong people stand up for others.

Supporting students of color at MHS.

Elena and Audrey before MHS graduation

Crème Soda. Elena's graduation present. They don't have crème soda in Italy.

Sweet Audrey loves new babies. Congratulations to this baby and his parents!

We will never say goodbye, only see you soon, Elena.

Congratulations, Elena. You finished your year in the U.S.

A princess and her stick.
Pics before Prom

The class of 2032 on Easter morn


Audrey and Gavin ("Gabin")

Mason did the best he could at his spring concert.
Princess Tiana hugs Princess Audrey

"I own it."

Perfect day at Epcot and we say the Pointer Sisters in concert.

Elsa, is that you?

Miss Minnie

Mickey Mouse!

Cinderella kisses

We were able to stay up late and see the night shows. These shows were our favorite events of the day.

Goodbye Olaf. Audrey loves her some FROZEN.
Audrey made a sandwich.


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