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All Dogs Go To Heaven

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to Ruby. She lived with us less than two years, but she was elderly when she came to us, and I held her while her sweet spirit crossed over the rainbow bridge. After she died, Mason kept saying that he wanted Ruby back. I'm sure Mason will continue to ask about Ruby's death since he is still asking about my aunt, and her death was nearly two years ago.

A few weeks ago, Mason and I went to Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul so he could be tested for an Augmentative Alternative Communication Device. Mason is a good candidate for this type of device to help him communicate. His apraxia is so bad that most people don't understand him at all. Mason seems to have given up on trying to communicate with anyone but our family and a few people he knows at school. The device called Wego, will use a computer voice to talk for Mason. This is not meant to replace his own voice but rather to help him talk with people who don't understand hi…