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Long Time Gone

Happy 8th birthday to my handsome prince, Mason. I loved you before I met you. Now, you ask me several times a day, "Mom, do you love me?" Yes, of course, I do.  It can get a little annoying to be asked so many times, but I'll keep reassuring you, and I know you are trying to make conversation.

We had a party for Mason in our yard on July 17th. That was a big day since I was also the guest speaker at First Congregational UCC, I was trying to pack for a very long trip. I love having friends over. Nothing makes me happier than seeing kids playing in the backyard.

On July 18th, we set out for Fargo. I decided to go North so we could go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and then over to Montana. The campground in Fargo was part of a city park attached to NDSU. When I went in the office, they had my registration for the previous day, so there was only one campground left. It was on the Red River, and it was not good. It was hot and muggy. Mason asked if he could ride his…