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Audrey’s big day, big week, big month!

November is all about Audrey.I spent the first weeks of November reminiscing about her adoption last year. I can’t believe the year went by so fast. Audrey really was the bright spot in this year of state budget cuts and bad news for Wisconsin higher education. I’m thankful that I have Audrey and Mason to help me have a more diverse and settled life than I would otherwise have created for myself.  Audrey at Govin's farm.

We had our family pictures taken on a frosty Sunday morning out at Hoffman Hills.
I went to the National Women’s Studies Association conference in Milwaukee last week, and I marveled at the scholarship and depth of conversation people were having about politics and culture. I feel out of the loop as I don’t put the time into research and scholarship the way I once did in graduate school and had hoped to continue more scholarship as a professor. I did go to a panel whose presenters were all members of the Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture. I am really gl…