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Not the trip we had planned

Mason finished summer school. He enjoyed Shining Stars, and it helped me to see that he can adapt to new teachers and a new situation since he was at a different elementary school than the one he attends during the school year. His class went swimming every day at the high school. I don’t think he made much progress, and he still will not put his face in the water, but he will get in the pool. He seems to overcome his fears the most when we are together and he sees his baby sister splashing and having fun. Audrey will float on her back, and she has a natural swim technic. She kicks her arms and legs. Mason is going to continue swimming lessons throughout the school year.
When we set out for our trip to Utah on July 19th, we had no idea of the gravity of the events that would take place during the following weeks. We drove for three days to Omaha, NE then Cheyenne, WY and then Riverton, UT. We hit Cheyenne Frontier Days, and I didn’t have a hotel reservation. When I stopped at the Holi…