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Back To School 2014

It’s finally back-to-school time! For weeks after school ended in the spring, Mason kept asking if there was school. He couldn’t understand that teachers were taking a break for the summer. After we came back from our trip to Utah, he stopped asking. The summer routine was set in his mind. We usually drove to the park after breakfast, and he would ride his bike and scooter while I read. We did the something in the afternoon. This past Tuesday, we went to school to meet his new teacher: Ms. Jeanne, his newly assigned kindergarten teacher. The day before school started, I started mentioning names of people he would see. When I got to Mr. Bill, his aide, he said, “Oh, I love Mr. Bill.” He said it so sweetly and genuinely that it surprised me. On Tuesday, Mr. Bill was one of the first people we saw, and I told him what Mason had said. Mr. Bill smiled and told Mason that he loved him, too.
Once he was in Ms. Jeanne’s classroom, Mason went right for the Legos. He was counting them and picki…