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It's Summer and Other Exciting News!

Summer! We’ve had a few nice spring days but many already crested into the 90’s. How easy it is to forget the hard winter now that the grass is growing so fast it needs to be mowed twice a week. The farmer’s market has opened again at the county fairgrounds. We went last week and bought asparagus and a pesto pizza made in a wood-fired oven. So yummy. I’m looking forward to Saturday morning there wondering around saying hi to friends. Maybe I’ll get inspired to cook with delicious fresh ingredients. I never have found a joy in cooking, or maybe I just hate the cleanup.
This is Mason’s last week of school. Since he was three, he’s had some summer school through the early childhood ed program. This summer, there is no programming appropriate for his skills/needs. I think he will miss the routine and miss seeing his friends. Even though there are mornings when he says, “no school” it seems like he does want to be there because he is a social person. Yesterday his teacher sent home a bag o…