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New baby coming in November

We found out today that a birthmother in Baton Rouge has chose use to be the family for a new baby due in November. We are so excited! I need to raise $7000 in two weeks time. Thanks for your help! You can make a tax deductible donation by following this link:


Mason is finally asleep! At least I think so. Sometimes I hear him playing up in his room. He won’t play up there during the day, but after it’s time for bed, he will stay up in his room: sometimes he sleeps, and sometimes he plays. He grows anxious at night as the sun goes to sleep. He starts looking for things to take with him to bed. Tonight he asked to take a box of cinnamon toasted cereal. He knows I say no to food, but he still tries every night. He settled on taking a little cardboard book that he’s been carrying around for days. He likes the way the layers in the book look when it’s closed. These past few weeks he’s been noticing UPC symbols.He’s progressed through sandwich cookies, layered cakes, wooden puzzle pieces with interesting pressed striations in the wood, books with dark and light patterns on the pages when the book is closed, and now UPC symbols.
Yesterday, I bought him a new bike. He picked out a green Ninja Turtles' bike. There weren’t too many choices with 1…