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Land of Enchantment

We just got back from New Mexico this morning. I had lived there for five years from 1998-2003; then I left to move to Chicago to attend UIC and get my PhD in English. So it has been eleven years since I’ve been back to New Mexico. While there, I remembered many of the things I loved about New Mexico, especially the sunshine. The weather there would change throughout the day, at some points it was cold and windy, and other times, we had to roll down the windows in the car. I didn’t mind the chill in New Mexico because I knew it was snowing in Wisconsin. On Friday morning at 4:30am, I got a call from Menomonie Public Schools informing me that school was being cancelled due to the weather conditions. Today, (Sunday) however, must have been close to 70 degrees in Menomonie. After taking a nap this afternoon, Mason and I walked to the park. There are still a lot of dirty snow piles and ice in shady places, but it can’t last much longer in 70 degrees. We could see the frozen lakes and rive…