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It Too Cold School, Mama?

We are just about to finish spring break. You can hardly call it spring since we are still measuring the snow on the ground in feet rather than inches. Mason and I did not go anywhere for the break. I kept seeing all the pictures of the beach my friends were posting on Facebook. I’ve been jealous. I needed to save money, and Mason is going to go with me to a social science conference in Albuquerque in two weeks. This conference has a WGS strand, and I’m very interested in social problems and social justice. I’ll be reading my paper on a panel categorized as social problems faced by women.
Mason has been confused all week as to why there is no school. He’s been asking every morning if there will be school. I think he misses his friends. He’s been going to daycare in the afternoon, so at least he gets to play with kids there, and most days they are able to play outside. We’ve also continued OT two evenings a week. He seems to have a plan when we go to OT. Yesterday, he went right in to …