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Happy Valentine's Day!

I’m staring outside at one of the coldest winters ever experienced in the Midwest. Hot Apple Blasts from Caribou (drink that tastes liked a hot baked apple) and dreams of moving to St. George, UT are the only things getting me through this winter. Mason still asks every day if it’s too cold to go to the park.
“It cold park?” he asks. Yesterday morning it was above zero (with a few new inches of snow, but still above 0) and Mason’s bus driver, Ms. Liz, said we have turned the corner now and are headed toward spring. Ms. Liz is always chipper in the morning even though she’s been up since 5:30 feeding her horses and family. As Mason and I walk together down the narrow walkway (snow tunnel) to the bus, Ms. Liz throws open the doors and yells, “Good Morning, Mason.” Mason is usually shuffling slowly to the bus.
I finally have good news to report about the afternoon bus. Mason and a few other kids with autism were being bussed home early so the bus could do a second run. I added up all th…