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Our Home Study is Completed and Adoption Story

I don’t remember a time in my life when I did not want to be a mother. Being a mother is such a powerful archetype, and for me, it was much more powerful than being a wife. I’m not exactly sure where to start telling this story because I don’t think it has a beginning. I could frame it from the day I got the email, I could frame it from the day I got in the car and starting driving south, or I could frame it from the day I first turned in my application to adopt a child. To me, all the details are important.
I had a now or never desperation about adopting. I was in my early forties, and I thought my time was running out. I had taken a teaching position in Wisconsin, bought my first house, and started the adoption paperwork process all at the same time. For years I had been spending time on the internet looking at pictures of waiting children, and now I believed I was going to finally adopt one of those lovely faces. I started by securing some funding. I was just finishing a PhD in Eng…

It's 2014 already and possible concussion.

Mason headed back to school this frigid morning. Weather to only get colder and plummet to minus double digit high on Monday. One quadrant of my house does not have heat. We rely on electric heaters for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Just one more repair that needs to be done on this old house. I find myself wishing to sled downhill to spring, but I know there are still treacherous months ahead before the snow melts. Mason and I quickly got used to hanging out in our pajamas over winter break. Last night I told him that he had school in the morning. He got very upset. I tried to be positive and spoke about people by name telling him how fun it would be to see them again.
I now have a few days to work on my own perpetual to-do list. I must work on revising my Writing for Social Justice course proposal.I have got to get that course on the agenda for the January department meeting. I am also preparing to teach Intro to Women and Gender Studies online Winterm (three week semester) s…