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When Pigs Fly

Mason and I had a nice drive to Cincinnati last week. I hadn't been to that part of Ohio before, and it was really beautiful We had nice sunny, fall weather all the way through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. On Wednesday night, we stopped in Merrillville, IN. There was a Portillo's Restaurant there, so we had some delicious Chicago dogs. Mason loved them and ate two. The NWSA conference was great except Elizabeth Alexander was sick, so I was disappointed that I didn't get to meet her. Mason did fine in the conference daycare. I didn't tell the childcare providers that Mason is autistic. I just told them that he was more like a three-year old. They noticed right away that he didn't want to be in the loud room, so they had someone sitting with him looking out the window a lot. He was fixated on the new "white" KitKat, and so we walked all over Cincinnati, but couldn't find one. My panel on Saturday evening went fine, and I had to talk over Tif…

Leap of Faith

Yesterday was yard cleanup day. It was breezy, but sunny, so I was able to mow and bag up most of the leaves. Mason enjoyed putzing around the backyard in the cozy coupe. He’s getting more independent now and will play alone while I mow the yard. He’s also down right obsessed with Playdoh. He likes making cookies and cupcakes out of Playdoh. He can spend hours trying out all the new colors. He still wants me to play with him, but yesterday I started some craft projects of my own, and he was just happy to have me sit by him at the table acknowledging all his yummy creations. I’m noticing that Mason is playing with a wider variety of toys and books, and he’s independently coming up with ideas for play. He loves to push trucks and cars around and make imitative sounds. When he backs up a toy, he says, “Beep, beep, beep, backup.” This last week Mason started therapy with a new OT named Emily. Her practice is called Foundations Therapy. We will be seeing her for two hours a week. When…