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Update on Adoptions Fundraising for baby #2

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Help Adopt New Baby J.

Dear friends: As you know, I have been trying to adopt through the foster care system for over a year. It hasn't worked out, and I felt that I should call the same agency in Baton Rouge where I adopted Mason from. I talked to the director today. It's an expensive process, but she is looking for a baby for us. I ask that people pray for us to have the financial and emotional support needed to complete this process. Thanks!! Creative ideas for fundraising are welcome, too. The above links allow you to make donations toward the costs of private adoption.

Back to School 2013

First day of school 2103 Mason gives two thumbs up to _Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2._ I asked him for two days if he would go to a movie. He said yes. Then when we got there, he wasn't so sure. We've tried movies a couple of times, and he didn't like them. This one, however, is just fabulous and engaging. Even if you can't follow the story, you can enjoy the visually stimulating giant food.(And we all know how much Mason likes food.) Mason did some dancing in the aisle and talking back to the screen. He doesn't care if other people sit in a chair. He's not going to sit when a movie calls for dancing and joyful outbursts.
Mason has been taking horse riding lessons in Eau Claire. We are planning to go every Tuesday night until it gets too cold, which could be any day now. So far he tolerates staying on the horse for 20-30 minutes. The instructor leads the horse and encourages Mason to do things like pet the horse, tell the horse to stop and go, hold the hor…