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My Leo the Lion

August is always a reflective month for me because I think back to the highs and lows surrounding Mason's adoption. After two failed adoptions, I could hardly believe that this one would happen! I remember talking to the adoption worker on Friday and going to the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday. I looked around the fair and thought of how much fun it would be to go to the fair with Mason. Unfortunately, it's been too hot to go this year. The heat index each day has been over 100 degrees. If the heat breaks this weekend, we will try to go on Sunday.

Last night Mason and I celebrated FIVE years together. We made spaghetti because he likes any kind of noodles, and I bought him some Newman's Own mint sandwich cookies. I stopped buying OREO's over a month ago. Now, before we go into any store, I remind him that I am not going to buy OREO's. He's too the point that he does not ask for them. Tonight he did ask if we could buy more of the mint cookies. I'm not a…