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Papa is 80 and other summer adventures

Mason loves his papa. My dad has been Mason biggest champion: Mason will always be first in his class; Mason will be a great athlete; Mason should take horse riding lessons; Mason should start playing the piano… My dad (Papa to Mason) does not see Mason as an autistic person. Sometimes I would like to see the world through my dad’s rose-colored glasses. We just spent a week in Utah plus a total of five days driving through Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Mason is a pretty good traveler. We took his Big Wheel, and we stopped at the rest stops for Big Wheel breaks. Mason couldn’t wait to get to Utah to see Papa and eat birthday cake. My dad turned 80 on June 7th, and we celebrated his birthday on June 13th so that Tanner could be there. Tanner, my brother Clay’s oldest son, returned home on June 12th from his LDS mission in Nebraska. I laughed when Mason and I pulled into the parking lot at the Village Inn for dinner on June 7th in North Platte, NE., there was a sign pointing to…