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The Winter of our Discontent is Over

I think spring finally kicked winter’s butt! With 18” of snow still on the ground in May, it was hard to imagine that the trees would bud or birds would sing. Finally, I see some green grass. Seven months of winter was too much for me. I finished grading all my courses today. It feels good to put this semester to rest. Now, I have a panel presentation tomorrow, a report to finish, some office work to do for WGS, a book review to write, and a summer course to prepare. Then, we head out to Utah for our annual June trip. This year we will celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday. Mason seems to enjoy riding in the car more this year, so I hope we can make better time. We had two IEP’s for little May Apple this last month. The first meeting was to assess his strengths and weaknesses; the second meeting was to decide on a placement for him next year. He will be five the end of July, so he qualifies for kindergarten. He would not make it in a regular kindergarten class; I don’t think a 4K class wo…