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You Are My Sunshine!

Copy the above link into your browser to see Mason singing You Are My Sunshine.

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

Here we are almost finished with March with many BIG changes in our lives. I just finished my spring break and mid-term is coming up then Easter next week. We’ve consistently had snow on the ground all winter, and there have been several long stretches of sub-zero temperatures. Mason likes playing in the snow on days when it’s above 20 degrees, but he really hates being cold. There are times he refuses to go outside with his daycare class, so he is left behind in the room with one of the teachers. I walked in one day and found the daycare worker literally fighting with Mason trying to put his snow pants on. That coupled with many other incidents lead me to confront the owner (again), and I called every other daycare in Menomonie to see if I could get him in somewhere else. The other daycares were not willing to staff for an autistic child. I found one daycare that was willing to work with me because they felt compassion on a personal level, but the class he would be going to had 19 c…