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November Already

Time flies! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past two months: Mason loves "High Cream." I took this picture on Adoption Day 8/27/12.
 Blue Moon over Lake Menomoin. We walked down behind the library and watched the full moon come up. Mason rides with confidence this year. This was the beginning of many summer rides. He is going to be taking riding lessons at a stable in Eau Claire.
This is Mason riding my dad's horse Popcorn. My dad thinks this is the best horse he's ever raised. The palomino color is exactly what we've always wanted. Nicole and I took the babies to Thanksgiving Point. Mason kept chosing the brown horse. Here we are celebrating my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary. Mason was jealous of me holding my Great Niece Serena.
Mason loves his Papa. He asks to call Papa several times a week. Marvell and Naomi Jones 10/26/62. Marvell and Naomi Jones 50 years together. Clay, Zach, Serena, Nicole, Glenda, Mason, Marvell, and Naomi  Picking…