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Mason is four years old. His favorite toy is the iPad. He likes to watch videos on YouTube, use Netflix, and use the Sesame Street apps. I also found out that he is memorizing many of the children's books we read. The other day – I saw him pick up the book Elmo Loves You, and he said, “Elmo Loves You." I was very surprised that he knew the title of the book because he usually is jumping around on his bed while I am sitting in the rocking chair reading to him. I began reading the book and stopping at the end of each sentence; he would then fill in the last word or phrase such as piggies love to roll in _____. He would then fill in the blank with the word “mud.” Almost every page has the phrase, "Do you know who Elmo loves? Elmo loves you." Mason knew when to insert that phrase. Yesterday I tested him on another book that we read every night called, Goodnight Moon. We were outside playing, and I began reciting the poem. “In the great green room there was a telephone …