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Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Boy

Mason's portraits, age 4.

Mason's favorite activity-playing with the "high pad." He likes Youtube; he watches Elmo and Big Bird videos; and recently he askes to watch videos of babies. He can do anything with the IPad including take pictures and videos of himself. Mason enjoying camp at Green Lake, WI. He wasn't afraid of the water this year. He laughed when the waves hit him.

Mason's birthday celebration started early. He took cupcakes to preschool in the morning, then he picked out these colorful cupcakes for the party. I think he ate one of each color.
This picture needs no caption.
Four fingers. Sometimes he still forgets and says "three." At the end of the night he got the balloon loose and it floated up about 40 feet into a pine tree. He kept asking me for help getting it down; then he offered to hold me up to get it. He might be a super hero after all.

The Happy Birthday presents. This is the first time he's enjoyed opening presents by …