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Mason is a wild, restless weed. He skips and gallops through life. I try to get him to hold my hand, but he runs away laughing. Cooperative, no. He now insists on buckling and unbuckling his car seat. “No help, please,” he says. He’s using short phrases like “I want” and “can I have”. He can name about 350 objects. He made tremendous progress in speech this past year. We had his IEP meeting last week. Everyone who works with him said he made tremendous gains in all areas, especially in making eye contact and imaginative play. He will be going to summer school two mornings a week with the same teachers. He will also be in the same class next year. Even though he turns four the end of July, we’ve decided that he will not go to 4K until he turns five. He will start kindergarten one month after he turns six. He is tall, muscular, and thin. He is 40 inches tall and 35lbs. He likes to climb and stretch his muscles. He likes to push heavy objects-anything to feel that deep muscle pressure. H…