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My Little Lambs

Perfect for the boy who likes to jump!
 Okay, so he grew six inches. He's still determined to drive the cozy coupe.
 No mole hill is too steep for this trike!
 My little lambs
 Fella, can you spare a bite?
 Easter morning
 My peeps boy. Playing with his angry bird and "high pad."
Farmer May May

I just came from spending circle time with Mason and his class at daycare. Circle time is 30 minutes long, which is a long time for a boy with Mason's energy to sit, so I've been helping him to understand the expectations. He needs something to hold while sitting, and lately, that something has been Big Bird. Everything was Elmo and Cookie Monster for so long, now suddenly the sun rises and sets on Big Bird. When Mason's teacher pulls his name out of bag, he gets to go up and choose a "job." He always chooses calendar. When it's time for the calendar helper to go up, Mason helps count the days of the month. He can get to 10 on his own, then the rest of …