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Spring Rain

Triple PJ Day. Once a month on a Sunday, we have pajama day. PJ day is a no stress-don't-go anywhere day. Mason has taken PJ Day to a new level. He likes to get himself dressed (in three layers of pajamas).
 Head Stand on the couch. There are hardly enough words to describe how active this child is. If he has an audience, he's either dancing or tumbling on the couch.
 And he adds the finishing touches. Last week Mason's teacher asked me if he picked out his own outfit. I think she knew the answer before she asked. Mason and I are starting to disagree on what looks good. I've really created a monster. He's always been complimented on his clothes, and he likes to wear new clothes; however, he does have an obsession for Elmo. So, sometimes all the Elmo shirts are "dirty." The shirts stay in the laundry room for days. This gives me the opportunity to convince Mason that he has other cute choices.
Shopping with Mason is really difficult right now. Either he wa…