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Happy New Year 2012

It's already February 1st, so just a few more months of winter. How will I get through winter? It's been an unusually mild winter so far this season. Ice fishermen are unhappy, but I'm not. I think I've only shoveled snow a handful of times. Last Sunday Mason and I went on a sleigh ride. It was a sunny and cold day! We enjoyed a clear blue sky and beautiful scenery. Mason was good until his hands and feet got cold. I remember that feeling as a kid when my feet would thaw out after an afternoon of sledding. It hurts! Anyway, we enjoyed being with friends, seeing the horses, and having hot chocolate in the little cabin in the woods.

Our big event for January was attending Sesame Street Live at the Target Center in Minneapolis. Our friend Amy went with us. Elmo Makes Music was a great show. I'd enjoy it even if I didn't have a kid-but thankfully, I do! There was a fun preshow, so Mason got to see some of the life-size characters singing and dancing before the sho…