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A Few More Holiday Pictures


Holiday Wrap Up

We had a really beautiful holiday season this year. Mason had a very cute program with his pre school class at Wakanda Elementary. I enjoyed a nice birthday dinner in Eau Claire with Mason and our friend Susan Weston

, and we finally saw Santa Clause on our second try (this is a popular Santa). Little Christmas Eve was fun at Wendy Dittmann's home, and the Christmas Eve Service at First Congregational UCC was really beautiful. Mason and I went out and looked for "HoHO" in the sky, and he was sure the bright star was HoHo. Mason enjoyed playing with his toys on Christmas Day, and we had a nice dinner with friends at Mercil's home. Things are getting back to normal now. I'm preparing for new spring classes, and Mason is back to daycare (though he'd rather be home with me). We are looking forward to better days in 2012!

Slide Show of 2011 Pictures

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