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Season's Greetings 2011


Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Mason and I are thankful for so many wonderful people who bless our lives! Just when I think life can’t move any faster, it seems like it does. I presented at the ISSOTL conference in Milwaukee, and we had a fun time spending the day with Suejung Han’s family. Kids and conferences don’t always mix, but we try to make the best of the time by doing some fun kid things. Then we fast forward to Halloween. May May, as he likes to be called, really enjoyed being Elmo. Trick or Treating was a little stressful, but he wanted the candy. He started repeating, “Hi-Thank You” before we would even get to the door. Then fast forward to last week when we went to Atlanta for the National Women’s Studies Association Conference. Mason did great on the plane, and he actually enjoyed the two days he spent in the hotel daycare. Mason’s doing new funny things every day. On Tuesday, I saw him open a puzzle box, put it on his little play table, and pretend he was a cat eating the puzzle. He moved his head ju…