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Three years together as a family

Ready for the fries!  Posing at the Children's Museum  Hanging with his mom  He certainly is a Phoenix!  Looking at the ducks and contemplating the long road ahead! Today was our special family day. We did all of our favorite things together. We ate fries at Culver's, went to the Eau Claire Children's Museum, took a stroll on the Riverwalk, went to Target (Mason always squeals for joy when he sees Target), and then came home, watched Elmo videos, and walked to Phelan Park. I usually plan the day around Mason's nap time, but I took a chance on skipping the nap. He did fine. He did better than fine. He was happy and smiling all day. He had me doing phrase completion all day. He says, "I", and I say, "love you". He says, "Cookie," and I say "Monster". We do this hundreds of times each day, and he laughs every time. Love, Love, Love my MayMay!