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I have a little boy!

Mason turned three on July 26th. We had a great pirate-themed birthday party at Wakanda Park. Mason’s little friends Shade, Sahlma, Laith, and Henry were there. And most importantly my friends who help create a family for Mason and me were there to celebrate with both of us. For me, counting off the birthdays of a growing child is different than counting off my own. I think of all the things we’ve been through in the past three years, and still it seems that it happened in the blink of an eye.

Last weekend, Mason and I spent two nights at the Pilgrim Center in Green Lake, WI at the Single-Parent Family Camp. This will be a family tradition (until Mason is old enough to go without me). I grew up camping and really loved it. This camp wasn’t a real “camp” because it had all the benefits of home with beds and showers, yet we were able to spend time outside doing planned activities, and we made many new friends. There were lots of pre-teen mother hens to help with Mason. On the second nig…

The joy of riding

Elmo's Riding Evel Knievel and the three inch drop