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Mason is stacking!

These last few weeks have been quite an adjustment for me. I try to plan a physical activity each evening, and we do lots of riding/pushing the trike around the yard. One of my neighbors, who also works at UW-Stout, just came over with her two little boys and told me she was going stir crazy. We are planning some backyard play dates. The problem is Mason’s high-pitched scream is so annoying, even kids can’t be around it very long. I’ve tried everything to get rid of that scream including time-out, but everything I do seems to make it worse. Just giving it any attention at all makes it escalate. I’m trying the “extinction” model the autism therapists use. When something annoying is happening, you turn away and don’t give it any attention. Last night in the tub Mason took the pitch up so high I wondered if the neighbors wouldn’t come over to see if someone was being attacked. Anyway, I sat there with my head down and ears plugged until he finally stopped screaming. He likes bath time, …

Go Outside!

The last week in May, Mason and I flew to Utah to visit my family. We had so much fun visiting all our relatives and going to places I haven’t been in many years. I was worried about how Mason would do on the flight since he has problems being overwhelmed by new situations, but he seemed to do better on the flight than I could have imagined. I think having the extra seat helped. Sleeping and napping were an issue in a new place, but he was really worn out from all the fun by the end of each day. On Sunday evening, we had a party with my Jones cousins. Since it was close to my Grandma Jones’s birthday (May 24th) we told our favorite stories and memories of her. Grandma loved everyone, but she especially loved her three granddaughters. I feel lucky to have had her as a grandma, and even though she’s been gone twenty years, I still miss her. I look around at all her great grandchildren and think how much she would enjoy seeing them. Sadly, she passed away a few months before Tanner was b…