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Mother's Day, my favorite day!

Mother's Day, May 9, 2010
May 8, 2010 (Tour of the Mayo One Helicopter)
 Mason this morning 5/8/11
 Mason on the move
 Mason on Easter morning 2011
Elmo Bunny Naomi Vance Jones holding Glenda Jones
No Mother's Day will ever pass again without me thinking of Mason being released from St. Mary's hospital at Mayo Clinic last year on Mother's Day. I desperately wanted to go home, but I was so afraid to take him home for fear of relapse. My little Mason bird was weighing just 18lbs. You wouldn't guess it today, since he weighs nearly twice that much. He has the cutest little voice. He asks for help, says please and thank you, and he's now added "sorry" to his vocabulary (you can tell he's spent some time in "time out"). I'm thankful for Mother's Day to help me remember just how much Mason brings to my life. He has made my life better in every way.  I'm posting some pictures from last year and this year, and one picture in honor of my mo…