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More, More, More

Mason and I just got back from the We Are One Commemorative Rally for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our friend Susan was the organizer (thanks, Susan). We’ve been so busy these past few weeks, it’s a blur. I need to check my calendar to see what we did. We just wrapped up Women’s History Month. I drove to Madison and back three days in a row for the Women’s Studies conference. Mason and Janet (thanks, Janet!) went with me last Saturday.

I was invited by the UW Madison Center for Research on Gender and Women to be a guest speaker on Round Table discussion on the effects Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill will have on women. I collaboratively wrote a statement on the effects of the BRB with two other WGS directors, and our writing has received a lot of local and national attention. I’ve been on three radio programs, been cited in The Nation, and found out it will be published in Feminist Studies.

We live in tumultuous times in Wisconsin. We are fighting to keep a middle class. It’s dishe…