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Spring Thaw

The good news: we’ve had a thaw in Wisconsin. It might be temporary, but a 70 degree swing from -34 to above freezing feels like you can go outside without a coat. I’m actually seeing people outside. From my office I can see people ice fishing on Lake Menomin. That’s a part of the culture that I don’t understand, but hey- I haven’t tried it, so I won’t knock it.

The civil servants of Wisconsin, me included, are currently embroiled in a huge fight to save the UW-System and our careers. The new Governor announced his “budget repair bill”. His plan is to “ask state workers to tighten their belts.” This, on top of the 16 furlough days we already absorbed. He wants us to pay more for insurance, pay more of our own contributions to retirement, and do more with less. He said he was prepared to call on the National Guard to enforce his policies. He’s taking away the right for collective bargaining except for police officers and firemen. This would mean about one month’s loss in wages for me. …