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If Wishes Were Horses

Is it spring yet? Spring semester starts on Monday. It’s a bit of a misnomer to call it spring semester in Wisconsin. Perhaps deep, dark, frozen semester would be better. If I sound a bit cynical in this post, it’s because yesterday morning it was -34 degrees plus wind chill. Every January since I’ve lived here, I’ve had to have my car towed due to the freezing temperatures. Yesterday I got a bill for $282 to replace a frozen power steering hose and spark plugs. A few minutes after my van was towed, I looked outside and saw the same tow truck pulling up in front of my house. Apparently my neighbor’s car was being towed. It must have been a great day for the towing business. Anyway, I had to miss work. I hate that because I wanted to be there for the professional development workshop.

Did I mention I live in a house built in 1890? Every winter I’ve had boiler problems. Prior to moving into this house, I had no idea what a boiler was. For those of you with nice forced air heating system…