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Photo Review of 2010. Happy New Year!

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Happy Birthday to Me-I'm 39 again!

Last year on my birthday, Mason and I went to Santa's Workshop at Macy's in Minneapolis. This year we spotted Santa at the Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire. I think the Santa at Oakwood is the real deal. He's the same Santa I remember as a kid being right outside the ZCMI store in the Cottonwood Mall.

Happy Holidays 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Holidays!

What happened this year? Mason and I started the New Year dealing with his emerging medical issues. A few days before Christmas 2009, Mason had tubes put in his ears, and the surgeon found that Mason had moderate hearing loss. This compounded with the fact that the esotropia in Mason’s eyes appeared to be getting worse (his eyes turned out rather than the more common type of strabismus where the eyes turn in or are crossed) led our family doctor to refer us to Mayo Clinic for a battery of tests and visits to specialists to determine if Mason had a genetic or metabolic disorder. These tests showed us a lot about Mason and may prove to be a valuable resource for him as he gets older since we do not have any information about his family history. After the tubes were put in Mason’s ears, his hearing began to improve and is now within the normal range. He also had two eye surgeries done by the best pediatric eye surgeon in the world. Mason had been …