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The End of Summer

We had a follow-up appointment yesterday to the eye surgery. Dr. M. thinks Mason’s eyes look perfect. I see the right eye turning in more, but he believes that the muscles will straighten over time. He also said that there is still swelling that will go down, and as Mason gets older, the bridge of his nose will thin out. To me, the way the eyes look is not as important as whether Mason can see. I think Mason is interacting with the word in a different way. I see him pick up small things, play ball, (he’s yet to catch a ball) and he dunks the ball in the Little Tikes hoop. Dr. M said he will do more surgery if either eye starts to turn out again. We are hoping that Mason gains 3D vision. Apparently 3D vision doesn’t happen right after a surgery. It comes in slowly as the brain is retrained.
Mason is also starting to talk. “More” is his favorite word. He uses more affirmatively for almost everything. There are times when his language is really good, and the next day he mostly babbles. …