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Family Day 8/27/2010

Two years ago today, I held beautiful Baby Mason in my arms for the first time. I spent the day driving from Perryville, Missouri to Baton Rouge. My mind was so preoccupied with thoughts of being a mother, I couldn't listen to the radio. I only heard of the impending hurricane from my own mother who heard the national news. When I finally got close to Baton Rouge, I pulled over and rented a room at a Day's Inn in Denham Springs. I asked the attendant at the front desk for directions to a grocery store. He directed me to some small neighborhood store, and I remember that the drinking water was already gone from the shelves. I bought some Gatorade and some canned food. It seemed like the time passed so slowly waiting for the call to pick up Mason. I was concerned that I would not have a place to stay since all the rooms had been previously booked by people driving up from New Orleans to get away from the impending hurricane. My cousin Krista and I checked all the Internet websit…

Feed a Giraffe (oh yes he did!)


Swimming at Wisconsin Dells


Kyla told him not to throw food on the floor. Love this girl!


The Dawg Days of Summer, Mason and Kyla


Mason in 3D

On Friday August 13th, Mason had a second eye surgery to attempt to straighten his eyes. After the surgery, Dr. M. came out and told me that the surgery went well. He said that Mason’s eyes would appear overcorrected (turned in), but that the surgery had gone well. When I finally saw Mason open his eyes, I was horrified. They were swollen, and he looked cross-eyed. I had a hard time believing that they would straighten out. Each day since the surgery his eyes have looked a little straighter. Sometimes I can see that he is using only one eye, and other times I see him looking straight with both eyes. Dr. M. believes that Mason will start to see in 3D and gain depth perception. It’s hard to imagine the world the way Mason was seeing it. He could not see distance, and his brain probably saw two overlapping images. We won’t know exactly what Mason sees until he’s old enough to articulate it. However, I’ve already noticed him doing things he didn’t do before. He runs with his arms down. He…