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Birthday at Como Zoo


Birthday Pictures


New, One, Two

Mason is a very loving little boy. He likes to snuggle and give kisses. He’s very active! He loves to run and play chase. He pokes the dog and laughs when she snarls at him. He’s interested in how things work. He has figured out how to open all the locks on the baby gates. He loves toys with flashing lights and music. Music and dance seem to be his biggest interests. He received a Bob Marley CD and a ukulele for his birthday. He goes to music class on Monday nights, and he loves it. The teacher lets him sit on her lap and play the piano.

We went to the zoo for his second birthday. It was so cute to see him waving at the animals. He hates to be confined, so he stands up in the stroller and scares me to death. He enjoyed riding the children’s train, he stuffed his face with mini doughnuts, and he played in the water park.

Everything is wondrous to him. He even finds the water coming from the bathtub tap to be delightful. He has the cutest laugh. When he’s not laughing, he’s talking or…

Almost Two

Mason is almost two. He’s looking more like a little boy now than a baby. He never had any baby fat, so he always looked like a little old man. He’s still a NUK addict. He’s still teething, and he uses his NUK to chew on, but it does inhibit his speech. He’s been in speech therapy for a few months, and we will continue speech therapy until he is up to age level. He’s starting to say some words: Nu-Nuk, ni-night, dog-doggie, go, and he shakes his head for no. He even shakes no when he means yes because he likes to be contrary. He’s been learning sign language, and he can sign for help, more, eat, drink, all done, and play. He can also identify pictures and retrieve objects such as dog, Elmo, bubbles, NUK, and snack. He waves bye-bye, blows kisses, and plugs his nose for P.U. Speaking of P.U., we were looking at books in Borders last week when the woman next to us bent over and farted. Mason burst out laughing. He loves fart humor. He’s obsessed with being in control. He wants keys that…