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Mother's Day 5/9/10

Mason was released from St. Mary's on Mother's Day. What a wonderful present to have him back at home. He was released with a PICC line in case he had a relapse, but we had that removed yesterday 5/12 because he's doing fine at home.
I already knew that he had a dairy intolerance, but the doctors decided to test that on their own. Turns out I was right. They diagnosed him with colitis, esophagitis, and gastritis. His colon looks like it's filled with canker sores. Why? Either a virus did this to him (unknown virus since none was detected after all these weeks) or he has soy colitis. He's off soy for now. He has a biological sister with a metabolic disorder preventing her body from breaking down protein, and he probably has a variant of that. His amino acids were wacky. The doctors call him an enigma. He's been undergoing extensive tests at Mayo since January. They told me that researchers will be looking at all his samples for a long time. He might get a rare di…

Mason at Mayo update 5/5

We are still in the hospital, but Mason is improving. Yesterday was a rough day because Mason could not eat or drink for 24 hours due to the fact that he was having an upper GI exam and a picc line put in. Mason was fed barium through a feeding tube, and then x-rayed throughout the day to see if the barium moved properly through his GI system. It does! Due to the insertion of the picc line, they are now able to draw Mason’s blood without hurting him, and he was fed two solutions through the picc last night, one fat solution, and one vitamin and mineral solution. He is like a new guy this morning. His bowels are working again, though he cries from the pain of the colitis. He is smiling at everyone and flirting with strangers. He expects to be adored by all, and of course, he is. He’s turned into a total monster. He wants to be held by me constantly. We were taken off isolation and allowed to go to the play room. Mason enjoyed seeing the other babies, but he wouldn’t play independently.…

Mason at Mayo

On Saturday April 24th I took Mason back to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul. He was so dehydrated, it took several teams three hours to get an IV started on him. Mason was so skinny he looked like an alien. His face was thin, skin tight, and he didn’t even cry when they poked him. The doctors continued to insist that Mason was still getting over a virus. Each time we went to the hospital his recovery time was slower, and he was less and less animated. On Tuesday April 27th they released us. His colon was sluggish, and they gave him Miralax before they released him. He’s been on Miralax since January, so that’s nothing new. Mason had terrible diarrhea on the way home. I got him cleaned up, put him down for a nap and a few hours later, he had explosive diarrhea again. I stood him up to change his clothes, and he vomited all over me. The rest of the night he continued to vomit. I stayed up all night putting drops of water in his mouth. He hates pedialyte and refuses to drink it. The next…