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Bump in the Road

Mason has been vomiting and had diarrhea for three weeks. He was hospitalized for four days after numerous trips to urgent care and the E.R. Finally, we were sent by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN. After 4 days he was stabilized, and they sent us home. He has acute gastroenteritis. No one knows what caused it. He probably had a virus that rebounded. Doctors tell me they see other children who are sick this long. It’s hard to keep him hydrated. He’s on an anti nausea medication, but there is nothing to stop the endless diarrhea. He refuses food and water much of the time. He’s lost 3lbs. The pediatrician told me that Mason is not a sickly person, just a guy going through a bad patch. These last 5 months we’ve been to countless doctor and hospital visits. Mason’s had two surgeries and all the other tests and follow up exams at Mayo. Both of us are weary. Yesterday the pediatrician suggested that Mason come in for a colonoscopy. I was hoping he’d be better today so he w…

Happy Easter 2010

The Easter Bunny was good to Mason this year. Unfortunately, Mason had the flu and didn't feel like eating any of his goodies. Mason had eye surgery on Friday March 26th. While he was in recovery, the eye surgeon came out and told me that the surgery went well. He said that 1 out of 8 kids have to have a second surgery, but it will be a few month before we know if Mason's eyes will straighten out on their own. Even though Mason's eyes were bloody and swollen, I could see a difference right away. Mason is left eye dominant, but both eyes are tracking. That means that Mason's brain is using both eyes to see. I've already noticed a bump in his development. At daycare they reported that Mason is using his pincer grip to pick up pieces of corn. Now, I've got to work on getting him to eat with a spoon! Mason recovered quickly from the surgery. His eyes are still a little red, but he was in generally good spirits all week. It was windy here, so he didn't get to sp…