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Spring Break in Louisville, KY

Last week Mason and I attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Louisville, Kentucky. I read a paper that I wrote on the problematic of defining rigor in freshman composition courses, and Mason went to the conference daycare and played with two other toddlers. Each afternoon, Mason and I went exploring the beautiful city of Louisville. We walked along Market Street and Main Street. We went to the Science Museum, a glass blowing studio, the zoo, the Muhammad Ali Museum, great restaurants, and a St. Patrick's Day street festival. One of the things I enjoyed the most was attending the Bedford/St. Martin's reception at Churchill Downs. It was wonderful to see our friends that we only see at conferences. I particularly like going to the C's conference because I get reenergized with new ideas for research and ways to improve my own teaching.
This has been a difficult few months for both of us since we've been making weekly trips to Mayo Clinic. The e…