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Mason's adoption was finalized this morning!

Yes Sir, that's my baby!

Fall pictures


Fall Fun

Fall is here again. Last night I had to start parking on the lawn again. Menomonie has calendar parking starting Nov. 1st, so instead of trying to remember which side of the street I can park on, I just park on the lawn by the back door.
Mason and I went to a fun Halloween part at the UCC put on by our friend "Grandma Susie." Susan Weston is a just a few years older than me, but she's okay with Mason calling her grandma. I made Mason a sunflower costume. People tell me he'll be mad about it someday. I doubt it. He's so cute as a sunflower. He embodies the very essence of the big burst of sun with a cute little brown face.
Mason was sick for over a week with the H1N1 virus. He was in the hospital on four occasions. His temp was 104 and nothing would bring it down. I felt so helpless, and it was hard seeing Mason literally tortured by the lab technicians who were starting his IVs. Mason's little veins are hard to find. I hope he's done with serious illness fo…

Trip to Utah

Early October we took a trip to Utah. I was able to mix business with pleasure and attend a conference as well as spend time with my family. I missed Nicole's wedding so it was great to see her. Tanner and Zach are big men now. Tanner is a senior and a football star. Zach is finishing middle school and tells me he is passing his English course! Naomi and Marvell and declining. Marvell has memory loss, and Naomi deals with constant pain from her Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus as well as a host of other physical problems. Now that Clay is no longer able to assist them in any way, I have to try to help them long distance. This situation is proving challenging to say the least. Anyway, Mason and I both enjoyed visiting our cousins. We had a blast at the pizza party and Kameron and Jen's, and we also had a great time being treated by Aunt Luci to a delicious steak dinner at Outback. One of the highlights of the trip was spending the afternoon with Mason and Marvell at Gardner Villa…