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Too Beautiful for Words

The leaves are starting to fall here in Wisconsin. The students return to class on Tuesday, and Mason is on his way to back to daycare. I'm going to miss him so much. I've enjoyed our summer routine more than I thought I would. I'm lucky to be a teacher and have time that I can work at home. I spend time at night after Mason is in bed responding to emails, grading papers, and doing my own writing.

Twenty years ago I started my first teaching job in Wendover, Utah. I still remember the 7th-12th grade school, the students, and the little town like it was yesterday. I taught 9th grade geography, 7th grade music and art, band, and fundamentals of art. I wasn't really qualified to teach any of those subjects (if qualification is even something possible). I don't think, back then, I could have ever imagined how my life would be today. I was sure then that teaching was a temporary job for me until I got married, had five kids, and became the neighborhood piano teacher.