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First Haircut

Mason had his first haircut today. He cried and tossed his head back and forth the entire time. I think it only took the girl about fifteen minutes to shave his head, but it seemed like much longer. He's going to have to have short hair until he's old enough to care for it himself. He's cried every time I've picked his hair. Combing hair should not be child abuse!

On The Move

These are pictures of Mason doing his two favorite things: bathing in the rubber ducky tub and reading Mommy's books. He wants me to order the New York Times for him. As you can see, he's exceptionally smart, as he can read upside down and backwards. He has many, many books of his own, yet if my books are within reach, he wants them. He's also obsessed with the computer, and I realized it's because I spend so much time on it. Two weeks ago, he had his nine-month doctor checkup. The diagnosis: tall, dark, and handsome. Mason was 19lbs. 1 oz, and still in the 75th percentile for height. He's still got a gorgeous toothless grin, but he spends almost every waking moment working on getting a tooth to break through. He hasn't been one to want to spend time on the floor or on his stomach, so I wasn't sure if or when he was going to crawl, but this morning I put him on the floor to drink his bottle, and when he was done, he made two and a half rolls across the roo…