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Mason is 9 months old today

Mason is nine months old today. His favorite toys are mirrors. I guess everyone telling him how handsome he is has gone to his head! He's trying to stand up on his own. He's practicing standing on one leg at a time and shifting his weight. He's also obsessed with faces. He puts his hands in every mouth that comes close enough for him to reach. I think he's interested in teeth. He doesn't have any of his own yet, but he's been "teething" since Thanksgiving. He's also trying a lot of new foods-some with more success than others. He prefers fruits to vegetables, but he loves his bottle of soy formula the most. He even reaches and wines for clean bottles he sees on the counter. He'd drink bottles and forgo the food if I'd let him. He might be the kid who takes his bottle to kindergarten. The obsession with the NUK is a recent development, too. He's a two-fistedNUK addict. He takes one out, and put another in his mouth. I've also notice…

A Little Easter Greeting


Little man moves into his own room

Mason and I have been sleeping in the same room for the past eight months. He's cute, but he hasn't been the greatest roommate. He wakes up every few hours-wants to eat-poops-wants a new diaper-and the cycle continues. I finally decided it was time to cut the cord. I think all of Menomonie heard him screaming last night. It took an hour for him to go to sleep in his own room. I sat in the room in his rocker so he wouldn't be alone. When he cried at midnight, he got a bottle and a new diaper. But that was it. It was hard listening to him scream at 3:00 a.m., but he made it. When I went into his room at 6:30, he chewed me out. The pictures were taken last night right before bedtime. The picture with the cat was taken at breakfast this morning. Don't worry, we don't share with the cat until we are done! Mason loves to share with his furry friend.

Mason is

Eight and a half months old
Learning to feed himself
Dancing and singing all the time
Willful and stubborn
Standing and bouncing more than sitting and lying down
Still waking up every few hours all night long
Making new friends every day
The love of my life

Mason learns to feed himself